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100% Money Back Guarantee

123 Credit Restoration strives to exceed the expectations of all of our clients. To honor this goal and back our promise to you we offer a FULL REFUND POLICY.

Yes that’s right, if the results aren’t there you aren’t charged!!!

The warranty offered results in you getting money back if your credit report does not reflect a sufficient quantity of deleted disputed items. 

After you have been our client for one year, if for any reason at all you question the level of success that has been achieved on your behalf, you are entitled to a full evaluation of the progress that has been made.

Using up to date credit reports provided by you we will carefully work with you to calculate the total value of all successfully deleted and/or improved items and compare this total value with the amount that has been collected for the services performed on your behalf.

If it is concluded that the amount you have paid exceeds the results that were obtained you will be FULLY REIMBURSEDfor the difference, no questions asked. However, if after the evaluation it is determined that the value of the services is much greater than the amount that you have paid, you will absolutely never be charged any additional amount over what you have already paid.

The Formula:

123 Credit Restoration uses a standard industry formula to calculate the value of services achieved. To arrive at this value the number of improved and/or deleted items from your updated credit report is simply multiplied by $55. You will in no way be charged $55 per deletion and/or improvement, this number is simply used to ensure that you have received more that what you have paid for.

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